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What is Kick Point Playbook?

Kick Point Playbook is the online training you need to bridge the gap between marketing theory and implementation. This learning platform is for anyone who needs to:

  • Know how to research and implement marketing tactics,
  • Explain the value of marketing efforts to get buy-in from stakeholders, and
  • Build trustworthy reporting that sensible financial decisions can be based on.

There’s so much marketing information and “education” available to us all, but sifting through the drivel to find the right course for you is taxing. Combine that with the fact that most formal post-secondary marketing education focuses on theory (that’s often outdated), and we’re in a position where a lot of marketers can talk about marketing but aren’t comfortable actually being marketers yet.

Why learn with Kick Point Playbook?


Say goodbye to guesswork

Gain the knowledge you need to be confident in your marketing role. With our courses you can stop guessing and start doing. Take the training and put your knowledge directly to work.

Learn essential skills and techniques

We’re candid and transparent and here to share practical in-demand skills and techniques that you can actually use day-to-day as a marketer.

No nonsense approach

Life is busy! You’ve got questions that need answering and marketing challenges that need solving. We’re here to add value and get results.


Accessible for all career stages

Wherever you are in your marketing career, we’ve got a lesson, resource, or advice to help you make an even bigger impact within your organization.

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We help advance your marketing skills and confidence

Our first course is Analytics for Agencies, where we teach you how to plan, setup, and configure Google Analytics 4, so you can prove the value of your marketing work with accurate data and useful reports.

Kick Point Playbook training provides you with core principles, systems, and best practices that you can successfully apply to your unique situation. Whether you’re an agency owner or employee, a recent grad, a small business owner, a mid-level marketing manager, or a marketing freelancer, there is a module here to help you become a better marketer.

Ready to take the mystery out of analytics?

Who's Behind KP Playbook?

Kick Point: a Digital Marketing Agency

Kick Point has been helping people do better marketing since 2012. We’ve worked with large organizations to make big changes and entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow at the pace that was right for them. We’ve maintained a focus on learning and growing together as a team, without sacrificing our lives outside of work.

Building lasting relationships with partners and training people and teams to take their marketing in-house have been key components of our unique agency model.

We’ve made some mistakes along the way that we want you to learn from. We’re honest about our missteps, open about the lessons we’ve learned, and believe that you’ll benefit from our team sharing our wins, losses, and big goals for the marketing industry.

We also run KP General Store (fuelled by our love of stickers and swag) and Is There An Event At Rogers Place Today? (because no one in Edmonton likes being stuck in downtown traffic), and (because Dana forgets to update her speaking schedule).

Some of the organizations we’ve trained:

Meet the team behind Kick Point Playbook

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Kyra Piper

Social Media Specialist
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Amy McIlwaine

Community Support Specialist
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Elizabeth Linder

Digital Strategist & SEO Specialist
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Brittany Zerr

PPC & Social Media Specialist
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Dana DiTomaso

Founder & Lead Instructor
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Matt Remley

Customer Support Manager
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Jessie Low

Marketing Manager & Course Contributor
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