GA4 Workshops for Marketing and Communication Teams

Get your whole team on the same page when it comes to Google Analytics 4 — gain practical skills, learn the fundamentals, and make GA4 work for your business! Starting from $5,000 USD per team.

  • Navigate and use Google Analytics 4 with confidence and ease
  • Refine your setup, create events, implement UTM parameters, and more
  • Discover how to customize reports to gain actionable insights

What You’ll Learn in the GA4 Workshop:

Dana speaking at an workshop

Google Analytics 4 Basics

We’ll guide you through GA4 fundamentals and key areas so that you can get a better understanding of how it works and how different it is from Universal Analytics (UA).

  • Why GA4?
  • GA4 Data Structure and Account Organization
  • Using and Navigating GA4
Dana answering questions at a workshop

Setting Up Google Analytics 4

Get your GA4 property fully set up and optimized for your specific business goals and tracking needs.

  • Event Structure and Creating Your Own Events
  • Custom Definitions
  • Tracking Conversions
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Google Analytics Reporting & Measurement

Learn techniques and insights into how to measure activity across your website, apps, ads, and more. Close any knowledge gaps related to campaign performance and discover how to pull the data you need from GA4.

  • Attribution, Channel Groups, and Users
  • Reporting, Insights, and Audiences
  • Importing Data and Debugging

Does your team need to go beyond GA4? Check out our Analytics for Agencies course! A full training course designed to help your agency grow and build a thriving analytics practice.

Joelle Irvine
Director, Brand Marketing at Moz

“Dana has been instrumental in educating our teams about the differences between UA and GA4, helping us navigate a tool that continues to evolve, and the best ways to approach specific use cases as they arise. She also supported us with effective communication with our BI and Engineering teams as we transitioned to a different tracking methodology. Working with Dana has allowed our teams to feel more confident in our data reporting, while providing us with more time to be creative and focus on impactful things that drive results.”

Private GA4 Training for Your Whole Team

Outcomes Gained from the GA4 Workshop


Practical GA4 Skills

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Google Analytics 4 fundamentals. Leave knowing you’re equipped to navigate and utilize GA4 effectively.

Perfect Your Setup

Leave with a polished GA4 setup that is tailored to your specific business goals. You’ll know how to create custom events, definitions, and track conversions.

Reporting icon

Reporting & Analysis

Sharpen your data analysis and reporting skills by learning how to use the data available in GA4 to create informative reports that help evaluate your performance.


Eliminate Roadblocks

Learn how to troubleshoot common problems, close knowledge gaps, and go further with GA4.

Meet Your Instructor

Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso is known for creating a positive environment where learners thrive, whether a workshop is delivered in person or online. She knows it’s important to begin by getting everyone into the right mindset because there is SO much to learn about analytics. In this industry, people have often been shaken by misinformation and frustrated by misunderstood best practices. Dana cuts through all that murkiness and provides attendees with clear takeaways they can implement right away.

Teams We've Trained

Kristen Harding​
Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, SB Partners

“I recently completed the first stage of my GA4 training with Dana. I came away feeling enthused about trying out new things in the platform and confident that if and when I forgot what to do I could refer back to the detailed presentation. Dana did a wonderful job of breaking down complex concepts into bite sized information blocks and in language we could understand. Looking forward to part two!”

Make GA4 Work for Your Business!

Every GA4 Workshop Includes:

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Q&A Discussion

We’ll address all of your burning questions and problems that you’re facing with your data.

Video icon

Video Recordings

Get the full video recording(s) that can be referenced in the future and shared with new team members.


Slide Decks

Secure access to all of the presentations used during your GA4 workshop with speaker notes!


Exercises & Resources

Get hands-on experience through practical exercises that test your knowledge and include instructor feedback.

Book Your GA4 Workshop!

We offer Half-day, Full-day, and Custom Google Analytics workshops. Fill out the form to learn more about our GA4 training.

What Type of Workshop Is Your Team Interested In?

Frequently Asked Questions

GA4 training isn’t one-size-fits-all. We understand that many organizations and digital marketing teams have different starting points or areas in which they want to focus their training. As such we provide multiple workshop options.

Our GA4 Workshop suits beginners and intermediate-level users who want to improve their Google Analytics skills, develop better internal processes, and strengthen their reporting capabilities.

The full day workshop is 7 hours long with breaks. You can schedule it how best suits your office hours, typically it runs from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, but you are free to set the time that is convenient for your business.

The half day workshop is 3.5 hours long with breaks. This can be scheduled anytime during your operating hours at a time that is convenient for your team.

Our workshops are designed to host groups of 15 people or less. This allows for everyone to freely ask questions and engage in the session.

However, if your team needs to accommodate more than 15 people, we can facilitate a larger group but there will be less Q&A time available.

Our GA4 Workshops will be tailored to your business needs. GA4 is constantly evolving and as such, so will the available curriculum. However, all workshops will encompass the following elements:

  • How does GA4 work and what is the new event model?
  • Universal Analytics (UA) vs GA4 – what’s different?
  • Getting comfortable with the GA4 interface and navigation.
  • How to create custom events for tracking specific actions.
  • Utilizing custom dimensions and metrics for tailored tracking.
  • Setting up and tracking conversions in GA4.
  • Creating custom reports (funnels, segments, cohort reports & more).
  • Understanding GA4’s attribution model.
  • Creating and utilizing audiences for better targeting.

Yes! We will provide you with a recording of the session, as well as a copy of the slide deck used during the workshop. We will also share a document that outlines additional resources the team should review for supplemental GA4 learning.

We’ll work with you to customize the workshop to your team’s specific needs and be sure that your use cases are covered.

Yes, and we can also deliver a workshop in a format that you can add to your own Learning Management System or we can provide a LMS for your team to use with your own customized GA4 training.

Depending on your needs and budget, Dana can facilitate your GA4 workshop either in person or online via Zoom.

Analytics for Agencies is a self-paced course covering more than just GA4 — it will teach you how to implement a complete analytics strategy for your clients, how to incorporate Google Tag Manager into your analytics, and build reports using Looker Studio.

Our GA4 workshops are focused on GA4 and are best for marketing and communication teams who want to learn together and want direct support with available features, navigating the interface, and create reports in Google Analytics 4 that properly track business goals.

Ready to Do More With GA4?