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Kyra Piper

Social Media Specialist

Joining the Kick Point team in 2022 as an apprentice, Kyra embarked on a comprehensive learning journey—from paid search ads, and content writing to delving into the intricacies of local SEO. It was within the captivating world of SEO and content creation that Kyra found her true calling.

Before discovering her love for SEO, she always found joy in the creative space of social media. She sees each post as a chance to blend creativity with strategy, forming connections through digital storytelling—be it for her own projects, KP General Store’s Social Media, or here at KP Playbook. The goal is simple: make information accessible and engaging for the audience.

Through our newsletter, Kyra also helps our KP Playbook community stay informed bi-weekly with the latest industry insights. For Kyra, it’s about creating an interactive space where learning is a shared experience, a journey of discovering and evolving together.

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