Black and white portrait of Jessie Low.

Jessie Low

Marketing Manager & Course Contributor

Jessie has a bachelor of commerce degree in finance from the University of Alberta and began her career focused on nitty gritty numbers. In 2011 she transitioned to a career in marketing, which empowered her to work on meaningful big picture goals while still using her expertise when it comes to facts and figures. With over 11 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Jessie works with businesses to develop Local SEO and content strategies. She also has experience in organizing a digital marketing conference, running an affiliate program, developing new marketing products and services, building inbound marketing strategies, and managing outreach campaigns. She aspires to lead the industry with honest and trustworthy advice.

Helping people solve problems, find answers, and grow their businesses by adopting well-researched SEO has been a focal point of Jessie’s career. She advanced the Local SEO industry with her comprehensive resource ‘The Definitive Guide to Google Business Profile Optimization’, developed during her tenure at Whitespark. Jessie values gathering trusted information that explains theory and teaches the learner how to apply that theory.

Jessie helps people leverage and strengthen fundamental marketing skills. Forget chasing flashy fad tactics that can’t be replicated and don’t help your business. As a course consultant, Jessie strives to view each lesson through the eyes of a new learner to make sure we teach not just the what and why, but also the how-to.

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