Dana DiTomaso

Founder & Lead Instructor

Dana enjoys solving problems that haven’t been solved before. With her 20+ years experience in digital marketing and teaching, she has a knack for distilling complex topics into engaging and easy to understand instruction. She brings this skill to prominent digital marketing conferences around the world (ie. SMX, MozCon, WordCamp, or American Bar Association), LinkedIn Learning courses, teaching at the University of Alberta, and hosting the technology column on CBC Edmonton AM.

After wading in rivers while completing her geography degree, Dana fully embraced the allure of the Internet in its earliest days. She worked in tech support for a CRM, and then started a web design company in 2002. Shortly after that, she became engrossed in helping her clients’ websites show up first on search results pages. Dana immersed herself in the SEO community and began speaking on technical and local SEO topics in 2012.

Part of Kick Point’s (Dana’s marketing agency) mission is to teach and empower teams and clients to do better marketing, and KP Playbook is an extension of that. Seeing the pride on a learner’s face when she helps them do something new on their own for the very first time motivated Dana to build KP Playbook.

Dana has often been frustrated by the flash and flare of hot tips and cool tricks that self-proclaimed marketing experts employ with lofty promises of quick wins and big rewards. The reality is that the only way to do marketing well is to put in the work — and a big part of that work is a commitment to continuous learning.

Another important part of becoming a better marketer goes beyond learning theories and into the actual work of putting that learning into action. Dana doesn’t just share theories about marketing, she teaches you how to fish (and how to gather, filter, process, and present data to marketing clients and teams of all sizes!).

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