Practical GA4 Course: a Hands-on Way to Learn Google Analytics 4

Regardless of your starting point: beginner, intermediate, experienced, or someone who was handed access to GA4 and told to figure it out, this course teaches you to use Google Analytics to its full potential. You’ll learn from real-world examples that you can apply directly to your unique situation, so you won’t be wasting your time with theories and methods that don’t apply to you.

  • Learn how to use GA4: master the fundamentals and demystify analytics concepts
  • Gain helpful insights from your data: enhance your configuration, set up goals, and make sure you’re capturing what you need to make smart decisions
  • Evaluate results faster: get customer insights quickly, know what’s working and what’s not with advanced reporting skills

Practical GA4 is for anyone who wants to feel confident and capable in GA4!

This master course includes:
54 video lessons
Resources, templates & tools
Expert help from instructor
Digital certificate
Lifetime access
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Go from confused to confident in hours

Practical GA4 helps everyone gain relevant analytics skills, develop confidence, and get insights from their GA4 data.

Outdated analytics knowledge and skills are costing you time and money. Stop getting frustrated with Google Analytics and second guessing your data. Start using GA4 with ease — this course teaches you to leverage your data for your day-to-day needs.

Are you ready to feel more confident and successful in your job?

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Your marketing and SEO analytics questions, answered

Joelle Irvine
Director, Brand Marketing at Moz

“Dana has been instrumental in educating our teams about the differences between UA and GA4, helping us navigate a tool that continues to evolve, and the best ways to approach specific use cases as they arise. She also supported us with effective communication with our BI and Engineering teams as we transitioned to a different tracking methodology. Working with Dana has allowed our teams to feel more confident in our data reporting, while providing us with more time to be creative and focus on impactful things that drive results.”


Learn How to Use GA4 For Your Marketing and SEO Needs

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Google Analytics Fundamentals

Learn the major differences from Universal Analytics and develop an analytics mindset. Apply your new knowledge directly to your job and grow in your role.

  • Get comfortable with GA4’s interface and key terminology
  • Understand privacy controls, consent mode and cookieless tracking
  • Identify red flags and implementation problems
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Google Analytics Configuration

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create a GA4 property and optimize your setup for your goals and tracking needs.

  • Determine what to track in GA4
  • Create events based on your measurement goals
  • Register event parameters as custom dimensions or metrics

Marketing Campaigns: Key Events, Conversions & Attribution

Learn how attribution works in GA4, dive deeper into attribution models, and understand how to properly set up key events and conversions (goals).

  • Use UTM codes in Google Analytics
  • Understand how to add goals and turn an event into a conversion
  • Make sense of GA4’s Default Channel Groups and attribution settings
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Analytics Reporting and Measurement

Get hands-on experience with GA4’s reporting capabilities, so you can confidently use reports to measure the success of your campaigns.

  • Understand GA4’s Reports and Explorations and when to use each
  • Modify and create new reports and update collections
  • Get insights from custom Explorations
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Getting Insights From Your GA4 Data

Data is just data if you don’t know what it means or why it’s important! Know how to pull insights to make smarter decisions.

  • Understand and be able to explain the why behind the data
  • Know what questions to ask and how to extract the answers from your data
  • Troubleshooting your tracking data to uncover any measurement issues

Do you need to go beyond GA4 and learn about Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio and how to scale and sell analytics? Then our Analytics for Agencies course was made for you!

Discover relevant insights from your GA4 data

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Still deciding if Practical GA4 is the analytics course for you? Unlock access to our What is Attribution? lesson to get a better idea of lesson structure, Dana’s teaching style, and course content.

Sharpen critical skills with Practical GA4

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Google Analytics 4

Leave with the confidence and necessary skills to navigate GA4 and take advantage of the platform for your marketing, SEO and business needs.

Performance tracking icon

Performance Tracking

Know how to properly track acquisition, engagement, and overall campaign performance to get answers to your most pressing questions.

Reporting icon

Reporting & Analysis

Expand your ability to report on campaigns with meaningful reports. Know how people find your website and what they find most engaging.

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Problem Solving

Troubleshoot tracking errors, data issues, or conversion problems and learn how to solve them, so you can close knowledge gaps and go further with your analytics strategy.

Headshot of Nishant Fernando
Nishant Fernando
Previous Learner

“Dana DiTomaso is the only person I know capable of turning long sesquipedalian terminology and concepts totally fun, enjoyable and comprehensible. If you’re looking to learn something and you see Dana’s course or videos, WATCH HER FIRST before watching anyone else; you’ll be glad you did!”

Meet Your Practical GA4 Course Instructor

Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso simplifies Google Analytics 4 with her straightforward teaching style, transforming fear into confidence among learners. She focuses on practical, real-world applications, tailoring lessons to build GA4 skills in various marketing and communication roles. With a unique talent for clarifying complex concepts, Dana offers actionable insights for immediate application. Transform your relationship with GA4 and level up your analytics skills with help from Dana.

Stop cursing GA4 and start using it!

Who is the Practical GA4 course for?

In-House Team icon

In-House Teams

You work on an in-house marketing team that has limited resources to learn from. Your GA4 property has been set up, but now you need to know how to actually use it, and unfortunately you don’t have in-house analytics support readily available.

SEO Specialist icon

SEO Specialist

You’re an SEO and it’s critical that you understand what GA4 offers. Knowing how to find optimization opportunities is vital, you need make informed decisions that improve your strategies, performance, and drive results.

Marketers icon


You’re a busy marketer! You may be a beginner GA4 user or you were an advanced UA user, either way you are now faced with using GA4. You need to quickly learn how to use it to properly measure your campaigns, pull insights, and report on the results of your marketing campaigns.

Digital Communicators icon

Digital Communicators

As a digital communicator you often need to use GA4 to report on the value of your work. You need to know what campaigns and channels drive the most valuable traffic! You haven’t had time to delve into GA4 and need help unraveling the mysteries of the platform.

Ready to advance your GA4 skills?


$279 USD
One time fee
What's Included

54 video lessons

GA4 event parameter cheat sheet

GA4 event reference library

GA4 audit checklist

Campaign (UTM) tagging tool

Access to Playbook community

Certificate of completion

Lifetime access

Free course updates

Volume discount

Team management:

  • Designate team leader
  • Add, remove, and update team members
  • Oversee team performance


$265 USD/seat
One time fee
What's Included

54 video lessons

GA4 event parameter cheat sheet

GA4 event reference library

GA4 audit checklist

Campaign (UTM) tagging tool

Access to Playbook community

Certificate of completion

Lifetime access

Free course updates

Volume discount

Team management:

  • Designate team leader
  • Add, remove, and update team members
  • Oversee team performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! To make Practical GA4 accessible to everyone, we offer parity pricing to over 142 eligible countries. Check if you qualify and apply!

We know that everyone learns differently, but in our experience we find the best way to learn and get confident in GA4 is by using GA4. Our guided lessons will get you familiar with the navigation and terminology, and our step-by-step tutorials will help you take GA4 beyond the basics. Our goal with this course isn’t just to teach you where to click in GA4 to find data — we also include what the data means, and have several sample insights that you can use right away for your own analysis.

This course includes lifetime access and free updates, so the learning won’t just stop with your first run through the material. Our lively community will help keep your skills sharp and help you stay up-to-date with the latest GA4 changes.

Yes. Upon completion of all of the Practical GA4 lessons you will receive a digital certificate of achievement.

Yes. The course content will be updated when there are changes in Google Analytics 4 that directly relate to any of the lesson material. We will notify you in the community when there’s an update.

This course is designed for all skill and experience levels. It’s ideal for busy marketing, SEO, and communications professionals who are looking to build a stronger foundation and develop key analytics skills in their respective fields. Whether you’re a beginning Google Analytics 4 user or an experienced in Universal Analytics (UA) you will improve your skills and be able to implement marketing, Ads, and SEO analytics to track events and goals.

The community is open to all enrolled students as a way to connect with the instructor, other students, and the KP Playbook team. You can post your questions about lesson material, general analytics questions, or problems that you’re experiencing and your instructor and team members will respond. We strongly encourage all community members to answer and interact as well.

Yes! The Practical GA4 course is designed for any marketing, ads, and communications specialist. If you’re looking to go beyond GA4 at your agency we offer Analytics for Agencies which teaches you how to use GA4, GTM, Looker Studio, and provide your agency with all the necessary templates and resources to grow your analytics services.

Start making data driven decisions