Black and white portrait of Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso

Founder & Lead Instructor

Dana enjoys solving problems that haven’t been solved before. With her 20+ years experience in digital marketing and teaching, she has a knack for distilling complex topics into engaging and easy to understand instruction. She brings this skill to prominent digital marketing conferences around the world (ie. SMX, MozCon, WordCamp, or American Bar Association), LinkedIn Learning courses, teaching at the University of Alberta, and hosting the technology column on CBC Edmonton AM.

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    Complete Guide to Key Events & Conversions in GA4 [New - March 2024]

    By Dana DiTomaso March 21, 2024
    Conversions that aren't specifically tied to Google Ads are now named Key Events. Learn everything you need to know about Key Events and Conversions.
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    How to Track URLs with Fragments (#, hash mark) in GA4 with Google Tag Manager

    By Dana DiTomaso December 11, 2023
    By default Google doesn't track URLs with hash marks (#) — learn how to capture the full URL path of all your pages in GA4 using GTM with help from this video tutorial.
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    How to Export Universal Analytics (UA) Annotations to Google Sheets

    By Dana DiTomaso November 21, 2023
    The clock is ticking on moving your data out of Universal Analytics (UA). Here's how to export all of your Annotations into Google Sheets.
  • How to Blend Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Data in Looker Studio

    By Dana DiTomaso October 23, 2023
    Learn how to blend UA and GA4 data together in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) so that you can present your metrics in one graph, combined between the two properties.
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    The New Channel Groups in GA4 and How to Use Them

    By Dana DiTomaso June 13, 2023
    Are you familiar with how traffic is grouped into channels in Google Analytics? Learn about the new channels available in GA4, how to use them, and how to direct website traffic to the correct channel.
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    How to Audit Your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Account [Free Looker Studio Dashboard]

    By Dana DiTomaso May 30, 2023
    To derive insights and take action based on your analytics data, you need to be confident in what you're looking at. If you're questioning the reliability of your data in Google Analytics 4, an audit can help you fix issues so you can ensure …
  • How to Setup GA4 (2023 Tutorial)

    By Dana DiTomaso May 16, 2023
    In this video tutorial Dana DiTomaso shows you how to set up and configure your GA4 account with the basics. From property creation to cross domain tracking to events and more, she’s got you covered.
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    GA4 Reporting: Finding Your Favourite UA Reports

    By Dana DiTomaso May 16, 2023
    If you’re still getting adjusted to the Google Analytics 4 interface, it can be overwhelming trying to find familiar reports from Universal Analytics. This resource shows you how to find your favourite UA reports in GA4.
  • GA4 vs UA: 8 Key Differences Explained

    By Dana DiTomaso May 16, 2023
    When you’re planning your transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, it’s helpful to understand what differences you’re going to come across. In this video and post, Dana walks you through 8 key differences between UA and GA4.
  • Why You Need to Switch to GA4 Right Now!

    By Dana DiTomaso May 16, 2023
    Universal Analytics is sunsetting on July 1, 2023 if you haven’t made the switch yet, you need to set up your GA4 property right now!
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