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Brittany Zerr

PPC & Social Media Specialist

Brittany is a PPC and Social Media Specialist at KP Playbook where she creates Google and LinkedIn ads strategies, conducts keyword research, and sets up and manages campaigns. She also loves to write — whether it’s social posts or website content. Brittany is constantly learning — she tunes into #ppcchat on Twitter every Tuesday, reads articles from industry gurus, and regularly attends conferences and events.

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    9 Google Ads Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Business

    By Brittany Zerr June 12, 2023
    Marketing your business is a step in the right direction, and Google Ads is a great tool that can help you grow your business. However, you can end up wasting hundreds (or thousands) of dollars a month if your campaigns are poorly configured.
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    9 Ways To Make Your Content More Impactful

    By Brittany Zerr May 2, 2018
    You can't just write content and hope for the best. You have to write what your audience needs to read. Plan, research, always consider SEO, answer questions — this is a list of tips to make sure your content has a true impact on your business.
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    Give Content a Meaning With Personas

    By Brittany Zerr February 16, 2016
    Write for an audience.
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